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Up, Up & Away, Large Napkin - 20 Pk.

Up, Up & Away, Large Napkin - 20 Pk.

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Dream away with the Jollity & Co Up, Up, & Away Collection. It's perfect for the entertainer who's always looking toward the sky and aiming high. With a plate comprised of an array of bright and beautiful colors and gold foiled details, as well as a stylized lunch napkin, the opportunity to mix and match these inspired pieces with our Posh Collection is endless.

 Lunch Napkins 20 Pack Approx. 6.5 x 6.5" Gold Foil Detail Not safe for microwave use * Please note the foil printing is not aligned perfectly with the hot air balloons. Therefore the napkins are sold at a discounted rate. Refer to the secondary picture to see misprinting.

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