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Closet Divider Set (NB - 24m)

Closet Divider Set (NB - 24m)

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Our simple, yet sturdy, minimalist size markers for baby help keep those tiny clothes organized for easy access through the days and months ahead. DETAILS THAT MATTER

• Set of 7 closet dividers includes sizes NB (newborn) through 24 months for up to two years of baby clothing storage solution

 • Handmade wood gifts for baby, made of 1/8", etched, high-quality birch • Each divider measures appx. 3.5" wide x 6.5" tall and are single-sided.

 • Left-facing hook with the ability to hook the divider “under” a closet rod to have a right-facing look • Handcrafted in Austin, TX They are also a lovely keepsake to pass down to future children and their children, as well.

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